Standard Screenprinting

  • This is our most common print technique.  It is the decorating technique used on most T-shirts in the marketplace.
  • We use high quality materials, the most up to date technology, and skilled craftsmen to create prints that will outlast the shirt itself.

Vintage/Distressed Screenprinting                                              

  • Looking for a shirt that seems like you've had it since the 1980's?  Please ask about our vintage print techniques.                       
  •  This technique gives the print a softer hand and weathered look.                                        

Over-sized Printing   

  •  If you are going to print a shirt, why not go big?  Our over-sized printing allows you to cover almost the entire front of a shirt.
    Please be sure to let your sales representative know the shirt size range you need, as that will limit the maximum size of the print.

Four Color Process Printing:        

  • Want a photograph printed on a shirt?  Four color process is the technique that will get it done for you.  Works much better on White or Light garments.
  • The process lets 4 inks blend together on the shirt to achieve the desired result.                                    

Simulated Process Printing

  • This technique is similar to Four Color Process, but uses some inks directly while blending others, which allows the design colors to be more vibrant, even on dark garments.